Sterling has acted as an extension of numerous commercial technology provider’s IT departments to support a wide variety of services and solutions.

Our support has ranged from security integrations to SharePoint deployments, to network analysis and more. We are committed to helping commercial clients navigate through the constantly changing IT landscape to accelerate the achievement of their organizational goals by adopting proven technologies.

Commercial Technology - Sterling Computers

Cross Domain Enablement

For organizations looking for an easier way to exchange information across networks with varying security protocols, Sterling has the answer! Our SmartXD technology works with any data guard and utilizes a unique framework that formats, bundles, and packages data into a strict XML format that is easily sent across guards. This process greatly simplifies the construction of cross domain applications, significantly reducing cost, and development time.

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When devices arrive ready to use out of the box end-users and IT personnel are set for success. Sterling enables seamless adoption of new technologies from procurement through implementation with our around the box service offerings including imaging, asset tagging, and managed deployment services, just to name a few. Learn more about how these value added services allow commercial clients to manage costs, maintain technical currency, and improve end-user productivity.

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