Federal Government

Sterling’s Federal Contracts team helps agencies “do more with less” by leveraging technology solutions that enhance service and lower costs.

We have successfully implemented technology solutions for Federal Contracts across the full-spectrum of DoD and Civilian Agencies including all agencies within the Department of Defense, each branch of the Military, Health and Human Services, Energy, Veteran’s Affairs, and many more. With key buying vehicles in place and two decades of experience working with the Federal Government, Sterling is positioned to enable agencies to embrace the vision of next-generation government in a practical way.

Federal Contracts

Sterling Computers holds a wide range of Federal contracts, BPAs, and IDIQs across the Defense, Civilian, and Intelligence sectors including:




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Sterling has a mentor-protégé relationship established with Regency Consulting, an 8(a) company, and a partnership with METGreen, a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, to support customer’s set-aside needs.

Value Added Reseller

At Sterling, we leverage our relationships with over 1,800 manufacturers to get customers the products and prices they need, simplifying the procurement process all the way through. Our trained and certified sales representatives and engineers are ready and willing to help with everything from budgetary pricing to crafting an IT solution that meets each customer’s unique needs.

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When devices arrive ready to use out of the box and day-to-day operations are running smoothly, end-users and IT personnel are set up for success. Sterling’s around the box services enables this to happen with our imaging, product kitting, UID labels, managed deployment, and other client service offerings. Learn more about how these value added services allow customers to manage costs, maintain technical currency, and improve end-user productivity.

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Cross Domain Enablement

For agencies looking for an easier way to exchange information across networks with varying security protocols, Sterling has the answer! Our SmartXD technology works with any data guard and utilizes a unique framework that formats, bundles, and packages data into a strict XML format that is easily sent across guards. This process greatly simplifies the construction of cross domain applications, significantly reducing cost, and development time.

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  • CIO-CS |  All Federal Agencies
  • FBI ITAP | All FBI Organizations
  • FBI ITSSS | All FBI Organizations
  • GSA | All US Government Agencies
  • ITES-2S | All US Government Agencies
  • NETCENTS-2 Products Contract | US Air Force Components
  • NETCENTS-2 Application Services (Full and Open) | US Air Force Components
  • SeaPort-e | US Navy and Marines
  • SEMS | Air Force Weather Agency
  • SEWP V | All Federal Agencies
  • SNIM | Department of Defense Information Analysis Centers
  • SSTEW2 | All US Department of Defense Components
  • UIES | US Strategic Command
  • USAMS | US Strategic Command and Air Force Weather Agency

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