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Sterling’s SmartXD – Cross Domain Products & Services

As real time information becomes increasingly accessible to the average technology user, government employees find themselves trapped in progressively complex IT environments. Federal organizations operate in compartmentalized network environments to reduce the risk of data spills, malicious intrusions, and insider threats. While this is powerful in ensuring security, the isolation creates extreme difficulties for users who need to work across environments.Sterling solves this problem with specialized cross domain products and solutions that enable users to access information across multiple domains, while still ensuring fidelity of information within the appropriate classification level. Our solutions enable users to utilize a single email console, conduct federated searches, and monitor networks across domains all from within a single device, just to name a few.

The secret is our SmartXD technology. Learn more by downloading the whitepaper and watching the prerecorded webinar.

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SmartXD White Paper is available for download.