SmartXD White Paper


Sterling’s SmartXD provides cyber security solutions for mission critical clouds and networks.

Completely isolating mission critical clouds and networks is fundamental to maximize cyber security in defense, intelligence, law enforcement and certain commercial segments. However, this isolation has huge negative impacts on users who need to work across these environments.

Sterling’s SmartXD solves this problem

Sterling solves this problem with cross domain products and solutions for cyber, actionable intelligence and command and control. Our XD Framework (XDF) and SmartXD technology enable multiple applications, tagged data and other data sources on different domains to be intelligently and rapidly integrated into powerful cross domain applications. Users can securely access and “drill down” on information across domains and cross domain application actions can be orchestrated.Our expertise and technology significantly reduce development time, lower the cost and simplify the certification of cross domain solutions. SmartXD solutions work with any data guard providing flexibility and investment protection over guard specific solutions. Sterling works closely with technology and integration partners to bring complete solutions to our customers.

Sterling Computer’s SmartXD Framework brings the fault-tolerance handling out of the application layer and puts it into the guard abstraction layer.

Building successful, multi-level applications doesn’t have to be as hard as it has traditionally been. A guard abstraction layer provides a centralized location to host much of the functionality that app developers historically had to build into each application. The result is more robust, consistent, and cost-effective cross domain capabilities.

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