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Sterling Computers

Temporary Staffing

There is no substitute for experience. The finest technology available is not enough to ensure a business solution. We must also employ the best engineers to give you a solution that meets or exceeds your expectations. To ensure the best people are working for you, we aggressively recruit the top technicians and demand training and certifications with our Partner manufacturers. We have deployed our engineers in engagements throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Wherever your projects are located, we are likely to have past customers and current engineers close by.

  • Program Management
    • Network Integration
    • Deployment Management
    • Maintenance Planning
  • IT Architecture Management
    • Enterprise System & Storage
    • Cross Domain
    • Identity Management Solution
  • Application Development
    • Planning
    • Development
    • Integration

Variable Workforce

Sterling can complete projects of any size, anywhere in the U.S. with very short notice through the combination of an experienced and certified (PMP) Project Management team and the utilization of proprietary databases of technicians. These technicians have joined our on-line community of 12,000 highly qualified and certified professionals, of which 3,000 have an active clearance. This community and web-based platform allows Sterling to instantly connect through a real-time, web-based marketplace, accelerating the evolution of on-site service delivery. The combination of Sterling’s Project Management team and national delivery network allows us to offer break/fix services, technology rollouts, equipment installations, office moves, and general temporary staffing services, which can range from a few hours to days, weeks, or months.